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3 Step Plan for Creating Financial Intentionality in 2014

Do you know what you’re going to make in 2014? How many clients you’ll have? How many speeches you’ll give? I do – which means it will happen! Because now I have the plan and I will be intentional on making the plan work. Want to join me? Let’s make 2014 our year!

Step 1: Intention. What do you want to make in 2014?

Most of us never stop to think about this question. We just assume we’ll get paid what we’re worth. Or we’ll get whatever someone else will give us. As I say in one of my speeches “YOU ARE WORTH MORE THAN THE WORLD SAYS YOU ARE!” When you let someone else dictate what you’re worth, then you are allowing life to happen to you. Stop a moment. Determine that 2014 is the year you will take control of your own life. This is the year you’ll make what you want, do the work you’re meant to do, and be the leader you want to be. So, write down a number you want to make in 2014.

Step 2: Inventory. Break it down into your areas of service.

What can you do to earn the money? In what areas do you provide service? List those services out and put two numbers by each of them. The first number is how many of each area of service you want to provide in 2014. The second number is how much revenue that will bring you. Put enough of these in so that they equal the total amount of money you listed in step 1. This may look scary and you may want to put in less. First – be bold! Second – have confidence that you have the ability to manifest what you want occur. Trust yourself, trust the process.

Step 3: Itemize. Calendar your action steps.

Then looking at each service you listed, what action steps need to occur to make your plan happen? If you don’t calendar the steps you need to take to achieve the services and revenue, then you’re just talking or dreaming. To make it intentional you must write it down and hold yourself accountable for achieving it. If you said you were going to present at 4 conferences this year, when do you want to do them? At what conferences do you want to present? Who do you need to contact to apply to present? What else do you need to do to present at 4 conferences? Calendar the events, calendar the action items.

This sounds too simplistic, but I can assure you, this works no matter if you’re a one-person shop or if you’re the owner of a multi-million dollar company.

If you want a little extra help, I have a 90 minute webinar on January 7, 2014 at 7:00pm CST. We’ll go through this process and by the end of the session you’ll begin creating the dream so you can begin living the dream in 2014! Click here to register.

I hope 2014 is an absolutely fabulous year for you and yours. This is the year of intentionality!
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