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Being a Person of Integrity

Have you ever had those times when you just feel like you’re being hit with a two-by-four over the head because you’re hearing (or seeing) the same thing from many different sources? Well, that’s happening to me right now with this phrase “personal integrity.”

The things people are saying to me and things I’m saying to my clients all revolve around issues that require personal integrity to make our goals come true. So let me define what I mean by personal integrity – for myself, anyway. Personal integrity means getting up early because I made a commitment to exercising at least 3 times a week. Personal integrity means going to the networking event I RSVP’d to even though I’d rather sit home and watch Scandal on TV. Personal Integrity means I will do what I say I will do … for myself. I’m fabulous at keeping my promises to others – not so great at keeping them for myself. Thus, the term personal integrity means accountability to myself.

It sounds so great, doesn’t it? And it is great … when I do it. Here’s the thing – I KNOW when I am consistent, when I do what I say I will do, then I achieve so much more and so much faster! So, what’s the deal? Sometimes it feels like I’m on a revolving door of New Year’s Eve resolutions failure all year long!

Here is my promise to you (because I do much better when I have an accountability partner – tag, you’re it!) – when I put something on my calendar, I will do it. And I will only put things on my calendar that I am going to do. I will be strategic in my calendar. I will ensure that the things that matter to me are thoughtfully and not haphazardly added. My big areas of focus this year are: my faith, my family, my health, my business. Being thoughtful about my time means making sure there is a balance of these four on my calendar.

One of my excuses … my mother generously gave me the “I’ll do it” gene. I volunteer for things like crazy because so many things interest me! Which means I sometimes (ok, most of the time) end up working on my own stuff at night and on the weekends because I’ve committed the rest of the time for others. So I get tired easily and Scandal is interesting and then I just postpone until/if the item on my calendar becomes a fire I have to put out.

This week I’m creating a zone of personal integrity. This week I’m planning out my week and ensuring that each commitment I put on my calendar has an outcome, an intention attached to it. I will have a good reason for putting it on my calendar, and I will (personal integrity here) commit to doing what I say I will do.

Do you want to have some personal integrity time this week, too? If yes, what is your personal integrity item this week?