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10 Items You Must Master to Increase Revenue

I talk a lot about business mastery with my clients – focusing ON your business not just IN your business. One aspect of that is to ensure you are working on revenue generating activities throughout your week. It is simply too easy to get caught up in activities that really take you down the busyness track rather than the business track!

So, here are 10 things you must master in order to increase your revenue in 2014. Rate yourself on a 1-10 scale with 1 being “pathetic” and 10 being “excellent!” There are more instructions below, so keep track of your 1-10 score per item.

  1. Complete Goal Setter – do you have clear goals of what you are achieving this year, this month, this week, today that will increase your revenue?
  2. Good Sense of Humor – are you having fun in your business? Are you laughing enough? Are you encouraging yourself and others with enjoyment? People are drawn to those with humor. Use (appropriate) humor to engage yourself, your clients, your employees, and your prospects.
  3. Believable Communicator – do prospects believe what you say? Are you “walking your talk?” Have you earned their trust through your integrity?
  4. Monetizing Social Media – we are being thrust into the online world of social media, so hold onto your hats and jump in! You can’t just have a website anymore. People “research” you online. So what are you saying? What’s your brand out there? Are you in the Big 5 – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and Pintrest? Do they hook people and entice them back to your website?
  5. Remembering Names & Information – it is vital in today’s world to remember people’s names and something about them. Dale Carnegie  says that to remember names you should first concentrate on the name and associate it with a facial feature (when I say my name I always say, “Sandi with an I” and I point to my big, baby blue eyes), and second, repeat their name immediately (it’s nice to meet you, Sandi) and a few times during the conversation.
  6. Ask for Referrals – If someone likes what you’re doing for them, ask them for referrals of others they know who may need the same service you provide your clients. Or, if they can’t use your services right now, ask who they know who might need your services. People like to help – let them help you!
  7. Handle Objections with Grace – if someone says no, they are not rejecting you personally. So don’t take it personally! Say thank you, ask for a referral, and recognize that by them saying no, that simply means that there is room in your schedule for the client you are even more “right” for.
  8. Be a Confident Closer – so many people are good at the sales discussion, but neglect the last step – asking for the sale. They let it lie and assume because they “implied” the conversation was at the step of closing or not, then surely the customer will just say yes. But if you don’t ask, what are they saying yes to? Ask for the opportunity to provide them value, to help them solve their problem, then let them say yes or no.
  9. Be an Action Taker – do you talk a good game, and then follow through? Do you deliver? Take the steps necessary to accomplish your goals, to deliver the services, to achieve your dreams. Don’t just talk the talk, put action behind the words!
  10. Continuous SelfDevelopment – John Maxwell says “leaders are readers.” A huge aspect of business mastery is continuous building of your skills. Think of learning as the air mask in the airplanes when the flight attendants say “first put the mask on yourself, then help others around you.” If you don’t continue to hone your skills, you will become stagnant, then irrelevant to your clients. Continuously grow so you can continuously be of great value to your clients.

All of these steps (and others) are vital for creating a successful environment for generating revenue. Where are you in the 1-10 scale on each item?

Now score yourself again, 1-10, on where you would like to be (and, remember, you don’t have to be a 10 in all areas to be successful – that’s just perfectionism rearing its ugly head!).

Then look at the gaps between where you are and where you want to be and prioritize which one of these do you want to work on this week. Go through the items you want to focus on throughout this year. Take one a week to move the numbers up a notch and continue to cycle through the series until you are closer to where you want to be at the end of this year.

Which one are you going to work on this week? Share with us how you’re going to do it!