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The Power of Vision

We all have ideas of what we want as leaders – maybe a certain level, title or income, maybe alignment in our teams, maybe being known as the team who delivers. However, we don’t always think in terms of big picture vision. What is it, ultimately, we want to achieve as the leader of this team? We get so beat down by the myriad To Do’s and meetings and projects that we forget to take some time to think about our ultimate outcome.

John Maxwell talks about the power of vision in his book “The 21 Most Powerful Minutes in a Leader’s Day.” He says there are four powerful reasons why it is imperative that you take the time to clarify your vision. A clear vision has power because it gives the leaders:

  •      “Awareness – The ability to see. Leaders have to see the vision first, otherwise they will never be able to help the people see it.” Understand your role and your vision before others do.
  •      “Attitude – The faith to believe. It’s one thing to possess the vision of what could happen. It’s another to believe that you can make it happen.” Overcome your doubt and believe in yourself and your vision.
  •      “Action – The courage to do. If moving from seeing to believing is a big step, then finding the courage to act on your belief is even bigger. Find reassurance to act on your vision. Don’t let it stop at the dream stage – ACT.
  •      “Achievement – The hope to endure. Once a leader begins moving forward, his troubles have just begun. It takes perseverance to turn action into achievement. … The gift of the leader to the people is the vision. The gift of the people to the leader is the fulfillment of that vision. … But before the people are willing to follow and make the dream a reality, they have to buy in to the leader, and that requires good leadership.” You will face obstacles as you go along the path(s) to your vision. By building your leadership skills, you will have your people “firmly behind” you and you can overcome the obstacles!

What is your vision? Share with us!