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When you are thinking about hiring an executive coach for yourself, your team, or another individual in your organization, it is useful to consider the following questions:

[learn_more caption=”Know what you want to accomplish”]

  • Improve my performance
  • Improve team performance
  • Improve the interpersonal skills of a person on the team
  • Build an executive’s competence level on a specific task, e.g., public speaking


[learn_more caption=”Know your success indicators upfront”]

  • My performance improves. I know this because more people are doing higher quality work faster or more cost effectively.
  • My team has become a high-performing team. I know this because, e.g., there is more trust, accountability, ability to manage conflict; results are better.
  • Interpersonal skills of the individual receiving coaching are improved. I know this because, e.g., retention is higher in that individual’s department.
  • The person for whom we hired the coach is better at “x.”


[learn_more caption=”Identify resources”]

  • Coaches can work on an hourly, a quarterly, or a six-, nine-, or twelve-month basis; how will I hire a coach with my budget?
  • Can I work out a deal with the coach for company stock or some other form of payment?


[learn_more caption=”Commit time”]

  • Can I put time aside each day to do my coaching assignments?
  • Will I put time aside for others who are being asked to participate in the coaching engagement?
  • What kind of interaction will I have with the coach?


[learn_more caption=”Determine how to find a coach”]

  • Industry or company peers.
  • Industry networks or associations, web review.
  • Human Resource organizations


[learn_more caption=”Think about questions for the coach”]

  • What is your coaching philosophy?
  • What is your experience with situations that are similar to this one?
  • How do you work? Face-to-face; phone; email; web?
  • May I phone references?
  • What are your typical rates for this kind of coaching?
  • If I need you at times other than our “appointed” time, are you available?
  • What is the exit plan if coaching isn’t having the intended impact?
  • What is the upfront plan to “Sustain Success” after the coaching?


After you have reviewed these questions, please feel free to contact us to schedule time to discuss your coaching challenges.