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Walt Disney’s 4 Pillars of Success

Walt Disney explained his success this way: “I dream, I test my dreams against my beliefs, I dare to take risks, and I execute my vision to make those dreams come true.” Dream. Believe. Dare. Do. These are the four steps we’ll talk about to enable your dreams to become reality as well.

1 DREAM. Inspire yourself. First, find a few minutes to reflect. Allow yourself to dream. There are no barriers. Begin thinking about what would really excite you. Ask yourself:

  • What’s the thing that gets a really big smile on your face?
  • If you knew you could not fail, what would you start to dream about?
  • What one goal, wish or dream keeps popping up every time you think about the future?
  • What do you want to accomplish more than anything else?
  • What keeps you up at night?

Narrow those ideas down so the top dream is the most compelling dream you want to achieve. Be specific.

2 BELIEVE. Turn your dream into a burning desire. The way to turn your dream into a burning desire is to believe that your dream is achievable and that you can achieve it.

Assuming you have already created a personal vision statement and a list of your values (if you haven’t, do it – it’s powerful stuff!), compare this top dream against them. Does the dream support your vision? Does it align with your values?

Have a vivid picture in your mind of how your dream will be when you accomplish it. Tell yourself that you have already received it (this is training your subconscious mind, which is 5/6 of your thinking mind, that your dream is a physical reality).

3 DARE. Turn your burning desires into goals.  In Step 2 you turned your dream into a burning desire because you believe it can be done and that you can do it. But to actually turn it into a goal, you need to believe that you will do it.

Select one aspect of your dream and set a goal you can accomplish this year. Most goals fail because they aren’t planned out. When an obstacle arises, we’re caught off guard, lose momentum and often give up.

Use these questions to help plan your goal:

  • What is the first step I need to take to reach this goal?
  • What is the last thing I need to do to reach this goal?
  • What are the steps in between?
  • What obstacles might I face? What will I do to conquer them?

4 DO. Take action now. Once you have turned your goals into a plan of action, you need to actually take action and utilize every opportunity that will come your way. The universe seems to find a way of meeting needs through opportunities. Be prepared for them as you take action on your plans to achieve your goals which will help you make your dream a reality.

Make a Commitment. One of the biggest reasons people fail to achieve their goals is because they don’t make a commitment to see it through. Don’t make it optional. When you have to do it, you do it! The reason we don’t follow through with our self-promises is because we give ourselves the option not to! We think a promise to ourselves isn’t as important as a promise to someone else. “If you want to be responsible, keep your promises to others. If you want to be successful, keep your promises to yourself.” Maria Forleo

Write down your goals. Write down why you are pursuing your goal. Be detailed. Calendar them. It’s almost like making a contract with yourself, making a promise that you will do one thing, even if it’s one small thing, to support your goal every day. When you are feeling unmotivated or discouraged, read it and let yourself be inspired again.

If you really do this, then congratulations! You are among the 3% of the population who have actually written goals.

Remember that success is accomplished one step at a time. It is very important to do at least one step right now and start building momentum toward your goal. The choices you make today matter. You will have to make difficult decisions. You will have to work hard. You will face obstacles. And consistent forward progress always results in success.

Go forth and use the Dream Believe Dare Do philosophy to propel yourself into success!