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Professional Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) Implementor.

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Inner Genius Coach

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EQ Negotiations™

  • “A Fearless, Confident Mindset”
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Speaking / Training

  • Creating High Performance Teams
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“Working with Sandi has given me the clarity and tactical steps to achieve my greatness as a Leader. She helped connect the dots on the reoccurring themes in both my professional and personal life, while challenging me to celebrate my accomplishments with equal (or more) fervor as my opportunities. Sandi provides that layer of accountability I needed to not only challenge myself to reach my goals, but to be smarter about how I take my journey. I look forward to building on my successes with her!

~ Atieno O., Accenture

“Sandi’s ability to assist me with understanding how to improve my communication with my staff is remarkable.  Her tools, time for understanding of the organization’s needs, and clear explanation of improving upon your strengths is worthwhile in leading an organization to health.

~ Dr. Dana B., Eagle Mountain Saginaw School District

Sandi Mitchell, ACC, CPC, MBA

Certified Coach  – Speaker – Trainer – Facilitator 

Sandi Mitchell is President and CEO of APEX Leadership Coaching, a firm dedicated to both people and profitability through intentional emphasis on leadership, negotiation, and emotional intelligence for extraordinary leaders. Sandi knows leadership requires more than simply having followers. Her passion is working with high-achieving leaders who want to transition from leading followers to leading leaders.

Sandi works with leaders from small businesses to major corporations to help improve and/or accelerate in areas such as: leadership presence and capability, senior team alignment, strategic planning, emotionally intelligent negotiations, and employee engagement. Her approach utilizes hands-on experiential learning, resulting in the highest impact and results through sustainable, long-term productivity improvements.

Sandi is certified as an executive coach who created and uses the APEX Leadership System™ – Awareness. Performance. Excellence. Xtraordinary.Leadership. She also specializes in emotionally intelligent negotiations through her EQ Negotiation™ program. Sandi is an international speaker and executive coach who connects to audiences, inspiring and motivating to reach even higher. She coaches exceptional people to be leaders AND leader makers.

Sandi has an MBA from Texas Wesleyan University, an Advertising degree from the University of North Texas, and is a Certified Executive Coach.


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