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37 of the Best Business Books I Read in 2017

I love to read! Ever since I was a little kid with the flashlight under the covers “reading” my Dr. Seuss Green Eggs & Ham, I have been fascinated by words and pictures. Even now when I read, there’s a movie going on in my head! So, here are a few of the movie-in-your-head inducing business books I enjoyed reading this year (going backwards from most recent).

  • Lead with a Story by Paul Smith – over 100 stories to help with 21 of leaders toughest challenges (note, this and the Steal the Show book by Michael Port that I’m about to wrap up 2017 with are both from the new LeaderBox series – check it out!)
  • The 12 Week Year by Brian P Moran – my consultant has been touting this for over a year and I finally read it and am hooked! Look out Q118 – my business tipping point is falling forward!
  • From Passion to Execution by Lyn Scott – Lyn is a client of mine and this amazing book tells you exactly how to build a sustainable nonprofit
  • Creativity Inc. by Ed Catmull – this book gives Pres of Pixar’s leadership lessons from Pixar, I’ve recommended this book to a LOT of people!
  • How to Own Your Own Mind, The Path to Personal Power, and Outwitting the Devil, all 3 by Napoleon Hill – I got on a Napoleon Roll! All 3 about mindset to achieving what you want.
  • Rising Strong and Braving the Wilderness – 2 books by Brene Brown – great books on resilience and belonging
  • Fierce Conversations and Fierce Leadership – 2 books by Susan Scott – several of my clients were needing help with those accountable conversations that encourage rather than simply avoiding them! And FL is about 6 “best” practices that are actually wrong and how to correct them
  • The Right Questions by Debbie Ford – 10 questions to ask yourself to get to the motivation behind your decision making
  • The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni – I have taught from this book from years and recently was certified in the new version “The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team” that combines Lencioni’s ground-breaking work with DiSC into a powerful picture of where a team is now and how to assist them in growing in their trust, accountability, commitment, and more (so I bought a lot of these to give away in my sessions! For more info, contact me at Sandi@ApexMastery.com )
  • Blue Ocean Shift by Kim & Mauborgne – I’d read Blue Ocean Strategy last year and they came out with this one in 2017 describing how you can move out of the shark infested areas your industry focuses on and into the blue ocean of possibilities and innovation (I used an exercise from it with my team of executive coaches, consultants, and facilitators in preparation for 2018!)
  • The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle – growing greatness in our people – the first book we chose in my International Coach Federation book club, good choice!
  • Mind Reading for Managers by Kim Seeling Smith – Kim is a colleague of mine and part of my incredible consortium of experts. This book helps leaders have FOCUSed convos with their teams and, when done right, can actually eliminate the dreaded annual performance review!
  • Option B by Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant – another great book on resiliency – I saw them at the Texas Conference for Women and they got me so excited I ran out and read Adam’s other books called Originals and Give and Takefabulous books on creativity and how giving actually makes us successful
  • Radical Candor by Kim Scott – just noticed this is the 3rd author named Scott I’ve read this year, interesting! Love this book! It’s about how we give and ask for feedback but told in a practical, gritty way that my clients are loving!
  • Neuroscience for Coaches by Amy Brann – what can I say, I’m a neuroscience geek and I love how the brain works and affects our choices, our decisions, our actions! So I read 2 more of her books – Make Your Brain Work and Engaged!
  • Conversational Intelligence by Judith E Glaser – I got certified in C-IQ this year and absolutely love the way my conversations have changed and my clients are changing the leadership conversations with their teams, their vendors, their clients, and even their families! So, since you know my pattern of immersion by now, of course I got more of her books – The DNA of Leadership, Creating WE, and 42 Rules for Creating WE!
  • Multipliers by Liz Wiseman – I saw Liz at a conference earlier this year and loved how she described those leaders that see the “smart” in you and through their belief in you, you actually multiply your strengths and output and are ecstatic about it! So, I also read Rookie Smarts.
  • Playing Big by Tara Mohr – I heard Tara on a podcast and wanted to know more about women finding their voices and being heard – wonderful! And she led me to the book Be Still and Get Going by Alan Lew – this little gem is about the different ways our inner critics can take over our lives and how we overcome them
  • Play Bigger by Al Ramadan – a fun, irreverent look at how you can dominate your industry
  • The Tortoise and the Hare – An Aesop’s Fable – no matter how many times I read the book, the tortoise always wins, it’s a great reminder to be purposeful and steady in my business – eye on the prize!
  • Solve for Happy by Mo Gawdat – through the untimely death of his son, Google leader Mo learned how the brain works and how to find his joy again (see the theme of resiliency in my choices this year!)
  • Essentialism by Greg McKeown – another book recommended by my business consultant – well worth the read to learn how to focus on the one thing
  • Scaling Up by Verne Harnish – practical tools on scaling your business!

What were some of your favorites? I’m putting together my list for 2018 now!