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Are You Ready for Some Help? Hire a VA!

When I meet successful people I ask 100 questions as to what they attribute their success to. It is usually the same: persistence, hard work and hiring good people.

~ Kiana Tom

I’ve been swamped at work and realized I need to give up some control and get some help – STAT!

Here’s what I did: I first made a list of everything I needed to do and should do in the next three to five days. Highlighted the things I really love doing – they’re my passion. Second, highlighted (different color) those things not highlighted yet that I believed only I could do. Third, highlighted anything else I wanted to do – I’m good at it and it’s revenue-generating. Fourth, everything that’s left over, outsource.

So, I began a search for a virtual assistant (VA). I found there are more things someone remote could do for me than I thought. And, it turns out, more than one VA can do as well. Here are the six areas I found that make the most sense for an entrepreneur to think about getting the help needed. You can start with one and build from there.

  • Virtual Assistant – a VA can help with:
    • Sales – automating the processes for follow up of all those business cards you’ve collected; data mining for potential clients and speaking engagements; connecting you to prospects on social media
    • email marketing & management – maintaining lists in email marketing software (i.e., MailChimp); creating and sending out newsletters; sending clients thank you’s, birthday and anniversary greetings; email and calendar management
    • File storage & organization – organizing file storage (i.e., Dropbox, Evernote); database building (updating email/contact lists on CRM – ACT, SalesForce)
    • Online research – researching trends and topics for blog posts and newsletters; researching competitors and the industry; research for best vendors (banks, credit card processing companies)
    • Administrative tasks – travel arrangements; online shopping; transcribing (voicemails, podcasts); recruiting for new team members needed; being the liaison and trainer for new team members; event planning; listen to webinars and write summaries; send your products to online buyers
  • Audio Visual Editor – an AV Editor can create your podcasts and videos; add intro’s and outro’s; create and update YouTube account; add videos into blogs
  • Bookkeeper – they can send client invoices; payroll; reconcile bank accounts and credit card statements in accounting system (QuickBooks, Xero); accounts receivable and accounts payable; tax preparation to turn over to accountant. Be diligent in watching the information. This is your company. Don’t rely so heavily on someone that you don’t pay attention. Get annual, quarterly, monthly reports. I check at least weekly and sometimes more often. I know my numbers – do you?
  • Graphic Designer – they can design all your social media buttons, banners, and social media sites; design your logo(s), infographics, landing and opt-in pages, and eBook covers
  • SEO Web Marketer/Web Designer – typically the same person can design your website and then do the analytics on it; create plugins for your payment gateway integration; site maintenance and security protection (especially if they host your site)
  • Social Media Marketing – this person can manage all your social media accounts (HootSuite, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter); ensures consistency by scheduling posts each day, for the week or month; promotes posts; accepts requests and thanks people for connecting; comment moderator

I have all six of these people now and we’re forming a well-oiled team. I am beginning to see that my time can be spent on things that matter to me and the business from a big picture standpoint. And my wonderful team spends time on the things that must be done to ensure the daily business is done well.

How have you been successful (or unsuccessful) at utilizing VA’s and other consultants on your team? Share with us!

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