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Do you ever feel like you’ve walked away from a meeting and you’ve compromised – or worse, lost?

Have you ever felt like you had the solution and you weren’t being heard?

Did you speak up at all?

We are in constant negotiations every day – and most we don’t even recognize until we walk away unhappy.

We offer speeches and workshops on emotionally intelligent negotiations to help in your move to conquer the formal and informal negotiations we encounter every day.

EQ Negotiations™: A Fearless, Confident Mindset 

In this interactive and fun workshop, you’ll learn and practice the skills you need to be an accomplished negotiator. Whether it’s funding for a new initiative, resourcesfor your project, or a promotion for yourself, negotiation is key to the success of the process.

You will walk away with learning:

  • How to prepare for a successful negotiation (Approach a negotiation strategically, with the ability to analyze who the other parties are, what they need, and how they relate to each other)
  • The dynamics and tactics for creating mutual value (being emotionally intelligent in meeting the interests of all parties – including your own)
  • To recognize the benefits and limits of your own style and of others’ (adjusting your communication style to achieve desired results)

This hands-on workshop provides the framework of a step-by-step guide for successful negotiations, including utilizing our emotional intelligence. Each party in the negotiation needs each other to achieve a successful completion. You’ll leave the workshop with a framework to help you prepare for future negotiations and effectively apply your newly learned skills.

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“Sandi does an excellent job of creating useful and relevant takeaways with several sources of what might otherwise be complicated information. Her research and delivery make the course interesting, fun and actionable.” 

~ Siobhan O., Convene