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Executive Coaching

As a leader you face obstacles every day. It may be that your team isn’t following you the way they should. Or the team isn’t as productive as your managers expect. Or you know you can be a better leader if you just had time, but you’re overwhelmed with the minutia that has to be done. Or you are listening to that limiting belief in your head that you’re just not good enough. APEX helps you address the hard core issues in leadership. To facilitate growth, here are some of the areas in which we can help.

The path to peak performance begins with intentional leaders who can connect values, people and results. APEX Leadership Coaching uses the APEX Attitude Performance & EXcellence™ coaching system to enable leaders to achieve intentional success faster.

Leadership is about lifting up the people around you by having the courage, vision, passion, and smarts to give people what they need to succeed … trusting and knowing that it means you succeed, too.

Some Quick Stats


52% of employees were not engaged in 2012

86% of employees said they plan to actively look for a new position in 2013


44% of organizations say they’re not effective at coaching high-potential employees

Survey said coaching has the highest correlation to market performance
(defined by revenue, profit, market share and customer satisfaction)


51% of the respondents indicated leaders who are ineffective at coaching high-potential employees are the top hindrance to the success of leadership development programs


21% – amount of time managers spend developing direct reports

58% – managers who are not effective at employee development

How can our leaders maximize the efforts of disengaged employees through skills the leaders may not have and still expect to achieve their corporate goals?

From executives to teams to organizations, APEX Leadership Coaching enables you to succeed faster.

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Common Leadership & Performance Gaps

Our clients call on APEX’s executive coaches to work with their high potential leaders as well as to assist those who need help bridging performance gaps. Some common “leadership and performance gap” themes we see are:

  • Managers who are technically brilliant and have poor communication skills
  • Managers who “make their numbers” and lack people skills
  • Managers who would add more value if they developed their people more effectively
  • Managers who micromanage their direct reports
  • Managers who want to become more intentional leaders
  • Managers who need to lead with more confidence, especially in the face of ambiguity

APEX Leadership Coaching works with you on your strengths, challenges, and vision for what you would like to see in yourself as a leader and in your team. We help you assess where you are now. We help you clarify your vision, strategies and goals to achieving the dreams. And we help you become the extraordinary leader you want to be.

APEX Executive Leadership Programs

Becoming the Extraordinary Leader

Are you a successful leader looking to become an extraordinary leader?

Extraordinary means “going beyond what is usual, regular, or customary.” Extraordinary leadership means understanding WHO you are as a leader (discovery of your values, doubts, strengths, weaknesses, purpose, vision), WHAT you do as a leader (determining the right priorities, strategies, actions), and HOW you do it (mastery of influence, inspiration, relationships, communication).

Using the APEX Attitude Performance & Excellence™ System, APEX Leadership Mastery helps you learn business mastery – working ON your business rather than IN it.

Transforming Managers to Leaders

Do you feel like you are so focused on the details of your job that you don’t have time for the strategy? Do you still feel like an individual contributor with the projects you have to do, and yet you are pulled left and right as a manager with your team’s needs as well?

Let APEX Leadership Coaching help you learn how to become an effective manager, and then transition into an extraordinary leader.

Preparing for Promotion: Getting Ready for the Move Up

Whether you know you’re up for a promotion or you want to be the obvious choice when a promotion is available, APEX Leadership Coaching can help you prepare.

Understanding the roles & responsibilities of the next position and comparing your current knowledge, skills and abilities will help us identify the areas in which to continue honing your strengths and strengthening the gaps.

Post Promotion: Success the First 100 Days & Beyond

The first 100 days in your new leadership position are critical. Your team, leaders, and customers are watching to see what you will accomplish in these first few months.

So, what is your plan? APEX Leadership Coaching can work with you through your first 100 days after promotion in creating an actionable plan to help you have the success desired.

APEX Leadership Coaching helps leaders succeed.

“Sandi is one of the most valuable people I have ever worked with. She is an excellent Business Coach with lots of knowledge in her field. That’s her – efficient strategist, ambitious, creative and highly motivated. It’s amazing to work with such a person.”
~ Jack W.