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growing-teamsAPEX Leadership Coaching works with teams to help identify the barriers to their success and accelerate meaningful change. Results may range from improved communication and morale, to even greater productivity.

APEX’s intentional team coaching approach includes assessments, group coaching, and group training. This provides a safe environment and opportunity for the individuals to understand the personality traits, communication styles, and strengths of both the individuals and team as a whole in order to jumpstart the alignment process.

We focus on the team’s objectives and explore methods to breakthrough individual supposed limitations to ensure clear communication and team alignment.

“You could not ask for a better coach than Sandi. She is very skilled at asking the right questions to make you think and lead you in the right direction. She works with you to help you set realistic, yet thoughtful goals. If you want someone who is an out of the box thinker who can assist you in reaching your goals and dreams, or put your ideas in motion – Sandi is your coach. I would highly recommend Sandi Mitchell as your personal career coach!”
Dawn S.