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Are you listening more to your Inner Genius or your Inner Critics?

Who’s winning in your quest to be an extraordinary leader?

Do you procrastinate?  Are you overwhelmed?

Are you afraid of failing? (or maybe afraid of succeeding?)

Do you feel like your inner critic voice sometimes sucks the energy out of you?

Do you want to ignite your inner genius voice instead for leadership presence & confidence?

As I said in my chapter of The Change 3 book series, “Imagine yourself as a gladiator in the middle of a Roman arena ready to fight for your life. Thousands of people in the stands are and booing you, yelling that you’re worthless, you’re a loser. Then in the midst of the overwhelming chaos you hear one voice – the voice of your coach – saying you were made for this moment. You stand tall and face your challenge with strength, boldness and courage.

2000 years later and that scene with you in the middle of the screaming naysayers (your Inner Critics) and the one positive coach (your Inner Genius) is replaying in your mind. Who are you listening to – your Inner Critics or your Inner Genius?”

You are a leader and people are watching you – assessing not only your technical and functional skills, but also your leadership ability. And you may be hearing the screaming of your Inner Critics going wild! Today is the day to stop, take control once again, and listen to your Inner Genius so you can ignite the inspired leadership capabilities within you.

We offer speeches on the topic, workshops, the G.E.N.I.U.S. Plan™, and a book to help in your transition to confidence, fearlessness, and boldness in leadership.

Igniting Inspired Leadership with Your Inner Genius Workshop

In this enlightening, fun and interactive workshop, you will learn:

  • What’s stopping you from the leadership success you want right now
  • How you’re helping and hurting yourself and your team at the same time
  • What’s happening to all those feelings you’re stuffing down of overwhelm, frustration, and irritation
  • How to take back control and tap into your Inner Genius more of the time  You will walk away with:
  • The 7 Levels of Leadership
  • A tool identifying one of the top reasons holding you back from full success
  • The GENIUS Plan to help you tap into your Inner Genius more often

Join us for a 4 week journey on how to stop your inner critics, amp up your Inner Genius and become an extraordinary leader!

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Exploring Your Inner Genius Workshop

In this enlightening, highly interactive 3 week webinar/workshop:

  • Do you know the right things to do and yet sometimes hold back on making the right decision quickly? Learn about your Inner Genius so you can intentionally jump into action faster, making effective, strategic decisions quickly.
  • Do you try to tell yourself you can do it and yet you just don’t believe you actually can? Understand where the belief gap is and how you can restructure your self-talk so your brain works for you and not against your desires.
  • Get 3 proven tools to explore your ability to tap into your Inner Genius to become even more successful immediately.

Join us for a 3 week journey on EXPLORING YOUR INNER GENIUS!

Strengthening Your Inner Genius

From the Change 3 book Series

“Today Jim Britt and Jim Lutes, along with 18 inspiring co-authors from around the world, including Sandi Mitchell, bring a pioneering work to the market to transform your own journey into master manifestation…. In fact, Jim and Jim’s publications lead to this one APEX MOMENT.”

~ Berny Dohrmann

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The Change – Insights into Self Empowerment



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“I love Sandi’s style of teaching …information …engaging …and fun. Sandi brings an information-packed approach on how to really get a better understanding of our gremlins so we can access our genius to help us move forward in life.”

~ Jenn B.,KickStart Coach