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The Spirit Led Entrepreneur! book covers the triumph of the human spirit in heeding the calling to be an entrepreneur – and all the glories and tragedies in the midst of it! It is a collection of stories and truths and tips on how to be fearless in this entrepreneurial journey. It will make you laugh and cry and feel bold enough to give fearlessness a try. To keep going when it is wearing you down. To keep soaring when it is pushing you higher.

Sandi Mitchell’s insightful and spot on commentary in regard to the topic of fearlessness in her book Spirit Fed Entrepreneur could not be more timely or significant. There is an epidemic of fear in this country that is keeping people and companies from realizing their greatest potential.  Do yourself a favor and read the no nonsense, pragmatic approach Mitchell takes in order for you to overcome False Evidence Appearing Real.

~ Shivaun M. Palmer – CEO & Co-Founder, Plaid for Women, Inc.