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Grow Your Business with a Fearless Mindset

Sandi Mitchell’s insightful and spot on commentary in regard to the topic of fearlessness in her book Spirit Fed Entrepreneur could not be more timely or significant. There is an epidemic of fear in this country that is keeping people and companies from realizing their greatest potential.  Do yourself a favor and read the no nonsense, pragmatic approach Mitchell takes in order for you to overcome False Evidence Appearing Real.

~ Shivaun M. Palmer – CEO & Co-Founder, Plaid for Women, Inc.

In her chapter, Fearlessness, Sandi Mitchell shows us how when one door closes, another better one is sure to open. She reminds us that God is the CEO of our company (and our life). Through practical steps, Sandi shows us how we can also go from fearful to fearlessness.

~ Becky Lynn Smith, CEO of Coach Biz Solutions, Inc. and creator of eCoach360.com

Sandi Mitchell shares her engaging personal career ‘scare’ story to clear celebration post-liberation from fear.

~ Tracey Bond, Founder, Beneficience Public Relations

Sneak Preview

Chapter 3:  FEARLESSNESS by Sandi Mitchell

I was shocked to hear those words said to me that I, as a leader, had been scripted to say a few times before, “Sandi, we are eliminating your position. You have three weeks to find other employment within the company if you so choose.”

My first thought was, “Wait. What? Me?” I was turning 50 that year. I’d been with the company 17 years. I was leading a global training group. They were just kidding, right?

Then, my second thought was, “Woo hoo!” I’d been with the company 17 years – which means a great severance and bonus. They paid for my MBA and my Executive Coaching certification. They trained me to be Chief of Staff in Legal and HR, and they gave me the opportunity to create a corporate university responsible for 4200 people in 46 countries! I was ready to spread my wings and fly!  …

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About the Featured Author Sandi Mitchell

Sandi Mitchell is CEO of APEX Leadership Mastery, a firm dedicated to working with high-achieving leaders who want to transition from leading followers to leading leaders. Sandi works with leaders from major corporations, small businesses, and nonprofits. Her experience and skills comes from over 30 years working in the corporate world, as a business owner, and as a certified Executive Coach. Sandi is a Certified Executive Coach, Speaker, Trainer, and Author. She has written Coloring Outside the Lines: A Creative Guide to Increasing Emotional Intelligence, and is a featured author in The Change book series (Book 3) and now in the Spirit Led Entrepreneur! book series.

As someone who has personally experienced being fearful, Sandi wrote this chapter to simply share her experiences with others who are living the life of an entrepreneur – and want to begin to master fearlessness!